Apartment finders in Madrid


Are you looking for an apartment in Madrid but don’t know where to start? First we would suggest you speak to us, Europe Real Estate. If you want to do some searching on your own, however, there are a number of apartment listing portals where you can search yourself:

  1. Idealista – This is the leading property portal in Spain for buyers, sellers and agencies. Idealista broke into the market several years back with a highly functional website for searching properties as well as great information and tools for buyers and sellers. If you search in just one place, it should be here.
  2. Fotocasa – This portal was the leader before idealista came in and took over the market. It remains however the second best reference for finding apartments in Madrid and the rest of Spain.
  3. com –This more recent portal also does a great job of listing and organizing properties. As with Fotocasa and Idealista it’s easy to search properties and contact buyers and sellers.
  4. Enalquiler – This website specializes soley in spain rentals. It has a solid interface, functionality and extensive database of properties.

These are the best portals for finding apartments in Spain and you will most likely find everything available on these websites. There are more options however:

  1. Vibbo – Formally known as segundamano.es, this website is the oldest place to find all kinds of second hand stuff including apartments for sale.
  2. Milanuncios-This is another all-inclusive buying portal that could be considered to be something like the Spanish version of craigslist.
  3. Casaanuncio – Pisos y casas en el portal inmobiliario casanuncio.com.

While options 5 and 6 do offer some advanced search options for finding apartments they are not as efficient as the first four portals.

You could also try these smaller international portals for apartments in Spain:

Also be sure to check our listings for luxury apartments in Madrid.